Gerald Walker

The Seasonal Relief Begins…

There are many aspiring emcees representing HIP HOP, however, none have the combined charisma, cadence, lyricism, and a knack for delivery like Gerald Walker.


Growing up in Chicago, Illinois and constantly being surrounded by music, Walker began writing rhymes at the age of 17.

He eventually got his first taste of stardom by dropping promotional mix-tapes. Then progressing to become a part of the Michigan regional independent label ‘Bang Hot Productions’, this only helped the buzz around Walker grow louder.

In 2005 Walker started working on his unreleased LP “Walkers Relief”, which has production from S-1 (of the Strange Fruit Project), S.L.O.T - A, Matt Murdock and many more.

We caught up with GW to try and get to know the man a little better…

FMCS: Hey GW how’s thing with you right now?

Gerald: Things are going fine… Just learning how to balance the life of being an artist, college student, and raising cash to do it all.

FMCS: Thanks for spending some time to talk to us! We wanted to dive straight into some talk about your music especially the new EP ‘Seasons’, (which we will come onto a little later). But firstly tell the FMCS crowd a little bit about the Gerald Walker background.

Gerald: Firstly, I’m only 19, I was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago and lived in a suburb named Bellwood for 8 years.

When I was 13 my mother and I moved to a city named Milwaukee in Wisconsin, and now I’ve moved back to Chicago to pursue an education and my passion in music.


FMCS: You’ve stayed very loyal to the Chicago music scene for a long while now. Has the place played a big part in influencing your style of flow and rhyme play? And most importantly is Chicago giving you back the fruits of your labor?

Gerald: Chicago has helped my way of rhyming and I really look up to Common so much for putting Chicago on the map. Moreover, there aren’t too many Chicagoans that know about me, yet!

I get allot of buzz in the Texas, and the Cali circuit as far as the states, however, it’s a surprising the fan base in Paris & Chile… That’s funny because that’s the LAST place I would expect to have fans.


FMCS: The promo mix tape has been one of the earlier keys to your successes, tell us a little bit about this, who picked up on them initially and helped get you some recognition?

Gerald: I use to love music that was “exclusive” so I would receive, and purchase so many singles and vinyl that NOBODY in Milwaukee had.

I was like ‘shucks, I gotta put my peeps on this’. So I used to put out tapes left & right, looking up to cats like Sickamore, Kay Slay, Big Mike and other DJ’s. It wasn’t until I got the recognition of this emcee in Harlem named J.R. Writer that lead me to getting a buzz going around the city.

Afterwards, I had cats like Jim Jones & DukeDaGod hosting my joints. But that was when I was naive in the industry and didn’t know any better!


FMCS: What was it like working with S-1 (Strange Fruit Project), S.L.O.T - A, Matt Murdock on the LP “Walkers Relief”?
Gerald: S1 is just remarkable! I finally met him in person in Chicago, and at a show in Milwaukee the very next day. We all kicked it hard, we just all had a blast!


It was awesome cause it was like I listened to them dudes for like 2 years, then I finally met them. And not on a fan level neither but as an artist - Its like if you go up to them cats and ask ‘Do you know Gerald Walker?’ They’ll say yes! Those dudes are like older brothers to me… literally.

As far as Matt Murdock – I haven’t really been up with the dude lately! And S.L.O.T-A is just versatile, and a very dope emcee if I might add.


FMCS: Has a date been put in for the release of the LP yet?

Gerald: I think I am going to leave that one up to my label…When I actually sign to one!

FMCS: Your music and especially emceeing is defiantly individual! Do you find it difficult to maintain your own personality in your music? It must be hard in these times when labels are seeking more ‘mainstream’, commercial driven hip hop.

Gerald: Definitely! If I didn’t love this music so much I probably would be discouraged and quit. Especially at how the industry is focused mainly on its quest to make fiscal profits.

But individuality comes naturally for me… And that’s not hard cause it seems like everyone is the same!


FMCS: We love the idea for the EP ‘Seasons’ (A four part EP dedicated to spring, summer, autumn and winter) Tell us a little bit about the ‘Seasons’ EP? How are the first parts being received?

Gerald: It’s going alright for the most part. It’s being released under Bang Hot Productions and will feature a lot more industry cats than my debut did. My only ‘industry’ feature on the “Sampler Disc” is Symbolyc One. But I will get him back, along with the Strange Fruit Project, Hezekiah from Philly, Legacy from the Justus League and Von Pea of Tonya Morgan.


FMCS: Thanks for the chat Gerald we look forward to some good stuff from you in the future. Keep on doing what you do best man!. Before we depart company any shout outs and respects?

Gerald: Listen, I thank everyone for checking out this interview! There are many websites and aspiring artist giving interviews daily!

But thank you for supporting FMCS & Gerald Walker Music LLC. The “Gerald Walker Sampler Disc” Ships on Dec.12th!

Hit me up at or and drop some lines, maybe tell me what you think, aright? Remember… Be safe & stay blessed!

FMCS: Thanks man take care

Gerald: No doubt thanks FMCS…I really appreciate it.


‘This guy is not playing around! Everyone ask where are all the real artist? Well look no more this is it. Open your ears!’ - Hezekiah (Soulspazm Records).

‘Yo what time it is ya’ll? Its fall the perfect time for quality soul music, and Gerald Walker’s the one to take us there’ - Supastition (Soulspazm Records)

‘Gerald Walker is hip-hop’s dignitary’ - Chaundon (Justus League)

‘Sup y’all? It’s S1 of the Strange Fruit Project, Soul Kontrollaz / Black Son is in the house and ya’ll checkin out the smooth tunes of Gerald Walker!’ S1 (Strange Fruit Project)

Gerald walkers Site: Read More

For more info on Gerald Walker contact Jitemia Balton:

GW My space or Download.

You can listen to Gerald Walker tracks in the FMCS Music player to the right.

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