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Autumn De Wilde

Wonderful photography portfolio from Autumn De Wilde. Incredibly stylish photos of Beck (always very photogenic), Willie Nelson, Miranda July, The white Stripes etc…
Autumn’s work has featured in many mags from Sunday & Filter to Rock On and Res.

Site: Click Here

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Ca Ira (There Is Hope).

This great site showcases San Francisco-based photographer Mark Holthusen’s stunning photographic illustrations for the opera Ca Ira.

Scored and directed by Pink Floyd founder Roger Waters, visitors are presented with Holthusen\’s visual narration for Waters’ production on the French Revolution and the life of young Marie Antoinette.

Select images culled from hundreds of finished works give a glimpse into the creative process behind countless hours of set design, artistry, imagination, and experimentation.

A rich, visual feast traversing each of the three acts is delivered to invite user experience and exploration.

View Mark’s site.

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