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Denis Darzacq

Denis Darzacq is an extraordinary fellow.


This canny photographer is now hiring models for the specific purpose of throwing them out of windows and capturing the moment before they hit the ground and turn into street pizza…


If you would like to apply feel free to do so by going to his website and filling out the appropriate forms. Please don’t forget to select the floor level that you would like to exit from (up to 23rd floor). Also you may have the option to pre select your landing surface, concrete, grass or broken glass…for fetishists there is also the option of 12 foot spike.


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What is city life? A ponderous question maybe… But at its best, it is a perfect interaction of people, form, ideas, movement, culture and much more…


…and for so long, no where else in the world has typified this sentiment more than the ‘Big Apple’, that multicultural urban jungle we call New York.

So if you are looking for the perfect perspective on this rich metropolis, then Markus Hartel’s photographs will provide you with the perfect guided tour, deep inside, and as close as possible to the rich, raw and unfeigned New York.

It is very easy to become addicted to his wonderfully unique perspective of urban existence, streets and people. His gritty captures portray reflections of every day New York life!


Markus’s style is a largly black & white, high-contrast look, and his chosen subjects handled with a closeness and intimate feeling that is prevelant in all his displayed photo work. Always ready for the perfect opportune moment, with his Leica M6’s strap wrapped securely around his wrist, he is a man ready for action.

At his website you can certainly feel the rythm and pulse of urban life, and if you find it all too inspireing you can also learn what street photography is really all about. There are photos, interviews, tutorials and links, for everyone whos interested in street , and life captured from an intimate distance.


Hartel Info…
The Photobloggies Award for best Street Photography in 2006. Markus is also nominated this year vote for him here!

He’s been published in the German ‘Stern View’ magazine and have 7 photos in a calendar ‘Magic in The City‘.


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Hamburgs hippest…White Trash Contemporary presents “Combat Zone” series of award winning US photographer Jerry Berndt and the video “Quelleck” by German artist Karen Koltermann.


Under the title “The Dive” White Trash Contemporary presents Jerry Berndt’s work for the first time in Germany. On the occasion of this exceptional “bar room”-show the gallery space itself will be transformed into a stylish dive bar with real working coctail bar and live entertainment.On opening night and on friday and saturday nights drinks will be served at an original 60s style bar to loungy jazz and blues music tunes.

“I grew up in my father’s bar room in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I learned to read by putting empty beer bottles into the right boxes…” That’s how laconic Jerry Berndt discribes the starting point for his impressive photo series about bar rooms and strip clubs in America of the 60s and 70s. In rich black and white contrast these pictures offer an unflinching look at the shadowy world of lonesome drinkers, desperate hookers and blinding neon signs.


The mood ocillates between glitzy film noir elegance and desolate jazz age melancholy. Sammy Davis Jr. meets Charles Bukowsky. Formally Berndt is following in the tradition of great American photo realists like Walker Evans and Robert Frank.There will also be photographs from Berndt’s famous “Combat Zone” series. That’s how Boston’s notorious red light district was called in the 60s, when Berndt worked there on assignment for Harvard Medical School’s “Laboratory of Community Psychiartry”. The images of black panthers and prostitutes reveal where the glorification of “pimp lifestyles” in today’s black getto culture and hip hop videos has its roots.

16th of Feb.-17th of . March 2007
Vernissage THU. 15th of Feb. 2007, 7 pm
with Jerry Berndt & The Mobile Blues Club (Blues/Jazz)

White Trash Contemporary

Opening hours:
Tue-Thu 1pm-7pm

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