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Alien detection watch


That’s right folks! Never be fooled again…although ‘they’ may put on a good show, and have some human mannerisms (see above) figured out, you will now be able to single them out where ever you go with the handy Tokyoflash biohazard watch.

Not only does this watch err…tell the time. But the manufactures go on to describe…

’ The Biohazard watch uses an advanced color LCD display to simulate the effect you might see on Mr. Spocks tri-coder or in many Science Fiction films. The readout, in fact, tells the time by counting the colored segments’.

Yes that’s right…. We quote… ‘to simulate the effect you might see on Mr. Spocks tri-coder’ Now if that doesn’t sell the dang thing to you I don’t know what will.

So next time you see somebody pulling the ‘thumbs up sign’, or the ‘Heyyyy don’t I know you?’ (see above) remember where you saw this handy (wristy), possible life-saving gadget!

Cause if you don’t spot them first they will eat your head! With err…like a sucking kinda slurping action, and like your head it just like explodes…wow its like totally trippy!

Tokyoflash Watch

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